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Red Stripe are one of the longest - serving bands in Leicester, have been together since 1990. Featuring Mr D (drums and lead vocals), Kris (guitar and keyboards), Robin (sax), Tenna(vocals), Vin (guitar, keyboards, vocals, percussion) and Haz (bass), their music is " a joyous melange " of Soca, African, Dub, Reggae, Ska, Funk and Blues, with Jazz and Indian influences thrown in for good measure! The band members have family roots in places as varied as Jamaica, Greece via Turkey, Africa via India, Ireland via Nigeria via Wales....and Sunderland !!

They say: "We love to play happy dance music….spontaneity and audience participation are very important….as long as people are enjoying themselves, we are!" No two gigs are ever the same, Red Stripe are one of those bands that love to be spontaneous, go with the flow, and at the same time be as tight as required.

Red Stripe have played at countless venues, ranging from festivals and music establishments through to benefits and private parties. Highlights have included the Leicester Abbey Park Festival, numerous May Day, Greenpeace and One World appearances, BBC Music Live....

Press reviews of live performances have included comments such as

“ all about enjoyment, no pretensions or ego-trips….music is good-time, sunshine and happy vibes….tight rhythm…. rock-steady drums….infectious throbbing bass pulse….sandpapered vocals….tasteful Hi-Life guitar melodies….dub piano and reggae chops….they bring back the carnival atmosphere of a long, hot summer….”

and the following are some of the comments by members of the audience following gigs:
" You've not just made my've made my week!!"

" I was feeling pissed off, but you've cheered me up !!"
"Band were fab, had a great time...even D** loved it, and she's renowned for her awful taste in music....Disney love songs mainly!!"
"I've not danced and sweated so much in ages...and I don't normally do sweat, even when I'm training!!"

"You're the best band that plays all look like you're enjoying yourselves!"

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